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Elicit Ai ↗️

Elicit Ai is an online resource for students, teachers and researchers alike who are looking for a comprehensive source of information. Here you can find detailed information about a wide range of topics related to education, such as teaching strategies, classroom management tools, learning theory and more. We also offer resources on current educational trends and policies so that our visitors can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. With its extensive library of content, elicit.

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Elicit is a research assistant using language models like GPT-3 to automate parts of researchers workflows. The goal of Elicit is to make the research process simpler and more efficient by leveraging the power of machine learning technology. Currently, the main workflow in Elicit consists of generating natural language summaries that allow researchers to quickly understand a paper's contents without needing to read through it in its entirety. It also provides automatic analysis and categorization for relevant documents, as well as automating data extraction from paper databases such as PubMed and Google Scholar. Additionally, Elicit can help with searching for related work based on keywords or topics specified by the researcher, saving them time from having to manually search through thousands of papers. All these capabilities are designed to make research processes easier while reducing time spent on manual tasks.


Use Cases and how Elicit Ai is different from its competitors

  • Search for relevant papers even if they do not match keywords.
  • Synthetically synthesize the breadth of semantic similarity with the precision of keyword matching.
  • Selecting a summary of abstracts for your question as a recommended article.
  • The citation graph is automatically searched in the middle and the end to locate more relevant papers.
  • Organize papers according to the information they contain.
  • Filter based on study type


Free to use

Elicit AI alternative

Here is the list of AI tools like Elicit

  • Google Scholar,
  • ResearchGate,
  • Semantic Scholar
  • Scinapse
  • Connected Papers
  • Quillbot


Vikrum Srivastava  is a founder of Elicit AI


  • Explore research questions
  • Brainstorm Research questions
  • Rephrase
  • Summarization
  • Suggest Project Name
  • Specific questions
  • Cluster Generator
  • Clarify the concept



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