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Ideogram AI Image Generator (Text to Image)

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What is Ideogram AI?

Ideogram AI is a Free AI Text-to-image generator Just launched in August 2023 and is revolutionizing people's creativity. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this innovative image generator is helping individuals foster their imaginative abilities like never before. Gone are the days when talent and inspiration were limited to a select few; now, with Ideogram AI, anyone can tap into their creative potential. Ideogram AI is a free text-to-image generator you can create images on the instructions of the prompt.

Ideogram AI-Text to AI Art Generator

A team of ex-googlers created of the most exciting aspects of Ideogram AI is its ability to Intelligently generate Art design images based on text prompts. Users simply input a description or concept, and within seconds, the AI produces stunning visuals that bring those ideas to life. This not only saves time but also sparks new ideas and possibilities, expanding the horizons of what people believe they can create.

Moreover, Ideogram AI goes beyond mere image generation. It acts as a collaborative partner in fostering creativity by offering suggestions and variations that users may not have considered themselves. By constantly pushing boundaries and encouraging experimentation, it empowers individuals to explore uncharted artistic territories and expand their creative repertoire.

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Ideogram AI is unlocking a world of untapped creativity for individuals across various fields—from graphic design to artists and everything in between. With its ability to inspire fresh ideas through prompt-based image generation and encourage exploration through suggested variations, this revolutionary tool is catapulting users into unparalleled realms of imagination. Embrace Ideogram AI today and unlock your limitless creative potential!

How to use Ideogram AI? Getting started

  • You need to sign in with Google
  • You need to choose Username First
  • Now write your prompt want you want to achieve
  • Press Generate
  • 4 Different outputs are made available to download. You can finalize it or else make changes in the prompt and repeat.

It's all about Prompts and Design Ideas: Tips for Ideogram AI's Users

A text-to-image generator is truly revolutionizing the world of visual creativity. It opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for artists, designers, and even everyday individuals looking to bring their ideas to life. But how can you make the most out of this powerful tool? Here are things on generating beautiful images using prompts.

Firstly, specificity is key when crafting your text prompt. Instead of simply describing a generic scene like a sunny day in a park, try incorporating specific details that evoke emotion or tell a story. For example, you could write something like a lone swing sways gently under the shade of an ancient oak tree as the golden rays of sunset bathe the landscape. This level of detail helps to create more vivid and captivating imagery.

Next, you may experiment with different perspectives and focal points within your prompts. By changing your point of view or emphasizing certain elements, you can add depth and intrigue to your final image. For instance, instead of just stating a couple walking by the beach, you might prompt the worn, weathered hands intertwined against a backdrop of crashing waves. Such prompts encourage unexpected interpretations and result in visually stunning outcomes.

  • Play with prompts It has features like photos, 3D renders, cinematic, and more Try it including or excluding
  • Observe Trending Images, or Top images and check out what combination of prompt give the best result and then incorporate it into your ideas

Ideogram AI is best for Creations

Ideogram AI is best for

  • AI image art
  • Idea generation
  • Logo
  • Design Inspiration
  • Poster making
  • Stickers making
  • Printing labels
  • Posters

Logo Creation with Ideogram AI

If you want to create a logo Just go with your idea of what you want to achieve you may give prompt "minimalistic and futuristic Wing curve logo design with gothic Eagle wing in black and white. It will create 4 Variants you can download and share it.

Is Ideogram AI Free? Pricing.

Yes Ideogram AI model Version V0.1 is Free Currently with the capping of 100 prompts/day or 400 images per day you need to sign in with Google along with a paid plan of $ 20/month which was launched recently model Version V0.2 and comes with added benefits like

  • Private generation
  • Unlimited image generation with standard generation comes with a delay when the system is available according capacity available
  • Priority Generation (1000 images/month or 4000/images per month). Priority for image generation is given to paid users.
  • Download of image available in PNG format.
  • Image prompting and other new features introduced in the future will be available to paid users.


Why do people love Ideogram AI?

Ideogram.AI stands out as it allows user engagement apart from its digital artistry. One can understand its popularity as 1.1 Million users have generated 75 million images within four weeks of its launch

  • Free to use
  • Voting system for Image created One can actually vote for the image
  • One can vote or get inspiration from recent, trending, or top images
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Option to select the size of the image 10:16,1:1,16:10
  • Creators can be followed by others and can earn likes for the work they have created
  • Occasionally arrange contests. In September 2023, the first prize was declared for $1000 based on the highest likes for images created by the applicant and the result to be declared within its discord community.

Can Ideogram AI be used for Commercial use? What are the terms of service?

No, One should read the terms of Service of 

Even though Ideogram AI's updated terms say "We do not restrict your right in your output" it does not mean you have a blanket right to do whatever you want. You should read the terms of service in detail.

As per  Ideogram AI's terms, you're granted the right to use the Services for personal, non-commercial purposes, provided you follow the Terms. It means you cannot use images for print-on-demand or any commercial use. This includes not modifying, distributing, or exploiting the content, avoiding unauthorized software or practices that harm or disrupt the service, not misusing proprietary rights, and refraining from posting harmful or unlawful content.

Ideogram AI Alternative to

  • Midjourney
  • Playground AI
  • Dreamlike ART

Ideogram AI Discord Community

You can Visit Ideogram AI discord here for more support and resources

Future updates and roadmap

For future updates and roadmap, one can follow and stay updated with's  Twitter

Security and privacy

You should always read the security and privacy of any AI tool before its use. You should never share any sensitive data. You can read's privacy on their official site from time to time which may change over with a period.


Founders & CEO

Mohammad Norouzi is the Founder Of Ideogram AI


  • Text to Image generator
  • Prompt to image
  • 3D Render
  • Poster
  • Cinematic
  • Product
  • Architecture

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