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What is JotBot AI?

JotBot AI writing assistant tools claims that it has around 250000 + students around the world as users (Free + Paid) of this tool. Its ability to mimic an individual's writing style is both innovative and game-changing, allowing users to maintain coherence and consistency across their content. The real-time note-taking feature ensures that no brilliant idea or crucial detail is lost, while the advanced source management function streamlines the process of citing references and avoiding accidental plagiarism. This tool has the potential to elevate the quality of essays and the efficiency of writing for professionals, academics, and creative minds.

By seamlessly integrating with one's personal style, JotBot transcends traditional AI writing tools by delivering a truly personalized experience. With its dynamic capabilities in note-taking and source management, users can concentrate on their creativity rather than being burdened with organizational tasks. Moreover, by encouraging proactive engagement with diverse sources of information, JotBot empowers writers to craft compelling narratives backed by solid evidence.

JotBot AI can help users in two ways

  • Generate draft in user writing style
  • It allows AI-powered document editing and research

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JotBot AI

  • JotBot AI is revolutionizing the way we write by harnessing the power of machine learning and Language Style Matching (LSM). This cutting-edge technology enables JotBot to not only analyze your writing style but also recreate it, allowing you to effortlessly generate content that closely resembles your own unique voice and tone.
  • JotBot's ability to read and cite sources instantly revolutionizes the writing process, making it a powerful tool for researchers, writers, and students alike.  By harnessing the power of JotBot, writers can enhance their work with well-cited sources in a matter of seconds.
  • As a writer, the process of editing and rewriting your work is often just as important as the initial writing itself. In this phase, you can refine and elevate your words, ensuring that they convey your message with precision and impact. JotBot has made this process easier than ever. By simply highlighting text and giving JotBot instructions, you can instantly reword, summarize, lengthen, shorten, or change the style of your writing.


How to use the JotBot AI tool? Getting Started

Here are some simple steps

  • Log in to your JotBot account
  • Click the + icon select blank documents and hit generation
  • JotBot AI can analyze your writing style if the user uploads his past writing and will try to write like a user.
  • JotBot reads, analyzes external sources, and helps incorporate them into writing.
  • Upload writing samples (essays, papers, PDFs)
  • Select parts of your style to train JotBot
  • Add sources to cite from and reference them by typing "@" in chat and you may click "add sources" then select the source and ask the JotBot to say something.
  • When you highlight the text and underline the word or by shortcut CMD+K and  by clicking and dragging the cursor the text box will pop up you can instruct the JotBot by way of a prompt
  • Type "++" and JotBot will pick up writing where you left off
  • Now once the document is generated JotBot can help edit the draft.
  • Users can Chat with JotBot for the desired results.
  • Regenerate the result if required, if a user is not satisfied.

JotBoat AI can do more

  • Videos to Notes:- One can turn online or recorded lectures into time-stamp text with JotBot AI with AI note taker
  • Jotbot AI transcript:-If allowed JotBot can listen in on a lecture, meeting, or conversation to generate transcripts and descriptive notes
  • JotBot AI can scan documents and find the most relevant source for the topic
  • Summarize most academic writing to the most meaningful conclusion with few user edits which will always required. It can help in simplifying understanding the concept and learning.
  • Cite sources and write accordingly
  • Users can even transcribe YouTube videos in key points just by adding a YouTube link in the transcribe section of the tool.



Jotbot AI offers a free trial with 10 monthly credits

For the Jotbot AI unlimited plan Please click here for more information.

Use Cases

JotBot AI's Use Cases

  • AI Note Taker
  • AI Video Summarizer
  • AI Source Finder
  • AI Essay Writer
  • AI Outline Generator
  • AI YouTube Video Summarizer

Jotbot AI's alternatives

  • ChatGPT
  • Jasper
  • Alssistify
  • Phonesites
  • Copy ai
  • Writesonic

Jotbot AI Discord Community & support

You can Visit JotBot AI discord here for more support and resources


Security and privacy

You should always read the security and privacy and terms and conditions of any AI tool before its use. You should never share any sensitive data. You can read JotBot AI's privacy and terms on their official site from time to time which may change over with a period.


  • Jotbot AI could be the Writing Assistance and not the substitute for work.
  • Users should know the subject as AI is in the developing stage and may occasionally give incorrect results.
  • Honesty is the best policy and the Use of AI for good use only.










Disclaimer: The information contained herein is generic only, and is not, using this website or any part thereof, rendering professional advice or any recommendation of any AI Tools. We have just collected & shared AI tools in one place & blog as education. Before making any decision or taking any action that might affect you, your finances, or your business, you should make your own independent decision based on your own research as AI is in the emerging stage and may not be perfect. AI for good use only. Do not share any sensitive information. Always Read the Terms and conditions of the respective AI tool.



  • AI Outline Generator
  • Automatic Notes, in Real Time.
  • Add and Cite Sources.
  • Edit and Rewrite
  • Crush Writer's Block.

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