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Klap AI : Create Viral Shorts from Video

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What is AI?

Are you tired of spending hours editing your videos for TikTok, Reels, or YouTube Shorts? Do you want a hassle-free solution that transforms your video content into stunning, ready-to-publish clips with just one click?

Klap AI - the ultimate tool to turn your videos into captivating TikToks, Reels, and YouTube Shorts effortlessly! Say goodbye to endless hours spent on editing software and hello to instant success on your favorite platforms. Claims that 90000+ videos are created by 17000 + creators.They have crossed 100 K signups since the launch

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Klap AI turning Videos into Viral Shorts

Klap AI is revolutionizing the way you create and share video content. With their advanced artificial intelligence technology, they analyze your YouTube videos and extract the most engaging moments. From there, they generate perfectly optimized clips that are tailor-made for TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

Imagine having access to professional-level editing at your fingertips without any technical skills required. Klap AI allows you to focus on what matters most - creating exceptional content that resonates with your audience. With our lightning-fast process, you'll have eye-catching videos ready for publication in no time.

However, creating these attention-grabbing clips can be time-consuming and challenging. Thankfully, with Klap AI, you can effortlessly convert your longer YouTube videos into exciting shorts without doing any extra work. Saving countless hours in video editing means you have more time to focus on what truly matters: connecting with your audience.

  • Save hours of time
  • AI editing
  • Auto reframing
  • Engaging captions
  • Customization

How to use Klap AI tool? With observation

Just copy the link to the video from your YouTube channel and follow the steps below

  • Now you just need to paste a YouTube link in the box given and press generate shorts
  • Klap AI can instantly create TikToks, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts using your video but if your video is long it may take around 10 minutes.
  • It offers advanced features like identifying the most engaging topics, highlighting faces, and automatically generating multilingual captions.
  • Now it will generate vertical videos at a 9:16 aspect ratio
  • It will generate multiple shorts from YouTube videos in our case it has created 9 different shorts around 1 minute or more you can trim it to 60 seconds to meet the short criteria
  • What we experienced its AI analyzed the video and gave us a Virality score with an analysis of why it is viral part of the video and assigned a score out of 100. In over case, most Viral score #1 was assigned a score (86/100)  the next best video part # 2 with a score (85/100) and so it helped us a lot to identify the best or viral part from the entire video.
  • It Gives a transcript of the video in paragraphs for a particular video every minute short it generates with the time frame of the video.
  • Currently, it supports 52 languages for captions. You can check the list of languages here
  • It Gives a preview of the Video where you can actually play the video and watch the output.
  • Mostly AI synchronises the audio, and video with engaging captions
  • If you are satisfied with the Videos now it is time to export the short video, If you need more editing or customization follow the below steps

Customise Editing available with Klap AI videos

Now for editing it has four options, Style, Captions, Crop, and Video


  • You Can edit presets ie font, style, color
  • You can change the position and size of the font
  • You can set Animation to fonts
  • You can Highlight the Fonts
  • Upper case, lower case
  • Multiple styles


It shows captions you can edit captions if AI fails or misunderstands speech from the video


Here you have an actual cropping option with a time frame you can cut, trim, and remix the video according to your need


It gives the entire transcript, with audio and video you can adjust it if you want any adjustments.

Upcoming Features

Who can use Klap AI and which type of  Video creation it is supported?

Klap AI is best for

  • Content Creators,
  • Social Media Marketers,
  • Influencers,
  • Youtubers,
  • Vlog Creators,
  • Any businesses.

Klap can supported to work on all videos, it works best for videos with speech like

  • Podcasts,
  • Interviews,
  • Educational videos,
  • and Product reviews.

Is Klap AI Free? Pricing

Klap is offering one free trial video for customers to experience its services. After following the trial, customers have the option to upgrade with Klap's Pricing plans.

  • Pricing Plan- Please click here for more information about the pricing plan of Klap.
  • Klap - $29 per month
  • Klap Pro - $79 per month

Alternatives to Klap AI

  • Smili Media
  • Trimmer.Ai
  • Nova AI
  • 2short.AI
  • Pictory
  • Canva

And many more

Klap AI Roadmap

If you want to follow Klap AI roadmap you can check it out here

Klap AI Discord Community

You can visit Klap AI discord for more Community support, resources, and learning.

Customer Support

You can get support by mailing on their official site




  • Turn videos into viral shorts
  • One Click generate
  • Editing option Available

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