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Sudowrite ai :Novel, Screenplay Fiction writer

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What is Sudowrite AI?

Sudowrite AI Fiction Writer tool helps you with brainstorming the ideas to write Novels, Screenplay and more. Imagine having a writing partner who never tires, never runs out of ideas, and can read your entire story in mere seconds. Sudowrite AI tool that is transforming the way writers craft novels, screenplays, and intricate story bibles. Whether you're an aspiring novelist or an experienced screenwriter, Sudowrite AI promises to be your ultimate creative companion. This innovative platform takes you step-by-step from the initial spark of an idea to a fully fleshed-out masterpiece.

With its ability to brainstorm endlessly and generate thousands of words in your unique style, Sudowrite AI isn't just another writing tool; it's a game-changer. Imagine exploring plot points on a magical AI canvas or receiving instant feedback with three actionable areas for improvement tailored specifically to your narrative voice. From naming characters to conjuring up enchanting items or compelling titles, Sudowrite ensures no creative stone is left unturned.


Sudowrite AI

Sudowrite is a tool powered by AI that revolutionizes the way you create narratives, whether it's for novels or screenplays. It has feature of the Story Engine according to Sudowrite AI StoryEngine  understand story structure, and it could keep all parts of the story in mind and help the users to go from start to finalize the output.

Sudowrite steps in like an imaginative sidekick from another dimension. This innovative writing assistant reads what you've crafted so far and conjures up multiple continuations as if different versions of you in parallel universes were scripting the next few paragraphs. It's not just about overcoming writer’s block; it's about unlocking new levels of creativity by exploring pathways you hadn't considered before. Intrigued? Let’s delve deeper into how Sudowrite can be your most invaluable co-author on this literary journey.

How to use Sudowrite AI? Getting Started

  • Once Logged in it will ask about the Primary Genre one needs to select  and pick from the drop list
  • Thereafter it will give a you a Virtual tour and give you step by step instructions and make aware about its features.
  • Now you will land on the home screen, it has three sections, New Project, Writing and prompting area and, Output as a cards.
  • One can Add new document  and start from scratch or one can add his half-finished work with import.
  • One Can start with the word and Click the prompt button, or press a button and write a word, or highlight words and click the button for output.
  • Write feature will write and autocomplete the story taking into consideration style, Characters, genre, and link chapters for continuity.
  • Write Auto:-This feature will automatically write without any guidance but the output may not be with your line what you actually want but can give new ideas and good is for brainstorming.
  • Write Guided:-As the words suggest you can give instructions by the way of clear prompts on what you want to achieve, it will follow the instruction and can canvas the story accordingly.
  • One can shift the tone of writing.
  • Rewrite:-This feature helps you if one want to rephrase,  his one work or output generated.
  • Describe:- It generates the responses with five senses sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and with a couple of metaphors with detailed descriptions
  • Brainstorm:-When you are clear with your ideas ,but want ideas from different angles this brainstorming feature can help in generating new angle or ideas.
  • Twist generates twist given a premise.
  • Characters :- It Generates possible characters/Cast in a story one can add traits with an add button. The Character section of the story bible can be exported in CSV
  • One can generate a poem with a poem generation feature.
  • Story Bible 2.0 is a new feature one can tell more about the story  it will help you to generate the first draft .In Braindump one can include plot, character, and theme. Add Genre, style, synopsis, characters, outline and worldbuilding for improved output with this feature.
  • Visualize:- To create images of your character
  • Plugins:- One can add  a Plugin according to the mood for writing ,one can find a Plugin with Plugin library one needs to add it for the style of writing.

Sudowrite Vs ChatGPT

  • Sudowrite Vs ChatGPT can  differ by its purpose. Sudowrite is a customized tool designed  for fiction writing only, while ChatGPT can do larger things from writing to code generation.
  • According to Sudowrite it uses Claude 2 by Anthropic, multiple open models, and several variants of GPT-3.5, and GPT-4, transformer models created by OpenAI.
  • For Fiction writing with ChatGPT, one needs better prompting, Sudowrite makes fiction writing comparably easy for its users.


Sudowrite AI offers a free trial of 10000 credits now to start for free so that one can try it for free.

It has paid plans

  • $10/Month Hobby and Student
  • $22/Month Professional
  • $44/Month Max

Use Cases

  • Fiction Writing
  • Poem
  • Novel
  • Screenplay

Is Sudowrite worth the money?

Sudowrite is an AI Fiction Writer tool that helps in fiction writing. It offers a free trial of 10000 credits to try and test without breaking bank, now whether it is worth for money depends upon own choice and what one wants to achieve, so the choice can be relative and differ from person to person, his experience, learning with the tool, and prompting.

Sudowrite AI's Alternative

  • Junia AI
  • Novel AI
  • Scrivener
  • Novlr
  • Fictionary
  • Bookaiwriter


Sudowrite AI Discord Community & support

You can Visit the Sudowrite AI discord here for more support and resources. Further, they have a You tube channel and live classes.


You should always read the security and privacy and terms and conditions of any AI tool before its use. You should never share any sensitive data. You can read Sudowrite AI's privacy and terms on their official site from time to time which may change over with a period.



  • Sudowrites AI could be the Writing Assistance and not the substitute for work
  • Users should know the subject and proper prompting as AI is in the developing stage and may occasionally give incorrect results.


Who owns or founder of Sudowrite?

Amit Gupta and James Yu co-founded Sudowrite.








Disclaimer: The information contained herein is generic only, and is not, using this website or any part thereof, rendering professional advice or any recommendation, endorse of any AI Tools.  Before making any decision or taking any action that might affect you, your finances, or your business, you should make your own independent decision based on your own research as AI is in the emerging stage and may not be perfect. AI for good use only. Do not share any sensitive information. Always Read the Terms and conditions of the respective AI tool.


  • Fiction Writing
  • Poem
  • Novel
  • Screenplay

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