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DALL-E 2 is a powerful new artificial intelligence (AI) system that can generate realistic images and art from a text description. Developed by OpenAI, the goal of DALL-E 2 is to enable people to create high-quality art simply by describing what they want in words. The AI system uses natural language processing to understand written descriptions, combining concepts, attributes, and styles into original artwork.

DALL-E 2 has already created amazing works of art based on simple textual inputs. For example, when prompted with "an angry flamingo juggling tomatoes," the AI produced a stunningly realistic drawing that perfectly encapsulated the idea. This demonstrates how powerful and versatile DALL-E 2 can be in generating beautiful visuals from even the most abstract concepts.

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DALL-E 2, a deep learning model developed by OpenAI, has been revealed to the public. This model is able to generate digital images from natural language descriptions, called "prompts". The name of the model is an homage to the Wall-E character from the Walt Disney movie of the same name. It utilizes a transformer architecture and is trained on enormous datasets composed of millions of images.

The model works by taking in text prompts such as “A smiling cat wearing a hat” or “An orange race car on top of a mountain” and outputs corresponding image results based on its understanding of these prompts. It works with symbolic objects like cats and hats, as well as abstract concepts such as color combinations and textures.

Use Case

  •  Creates images from text descriptions
  • Combine concepts, attributes, and styles
  • Research

DALL-E 2 Pricing

You can create an account free of charge, but you can add more credits by paying for them.

DALL-E 2 Alternative

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  • Generate four Images
  • Inputs can have as much detail as you would like.


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