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Promptheus -Talk with ChatGPT

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In the era of rapid technological advancements, Google Chrome extensions have been a game-changer for internet users worldwide. One such innovative extension that has seen an increasing user base is Promptheus talk with Chatgpt. The extension allows users to use their voice to communicate with ChatGPT, a conversational AI tool that provides instant responses.

The extension works by utilizing the spacebar on the keyboard as a trigger to activate voice recognition technology. Once activated, users can speak out their queries or statements, and the AI-powered tool will respond promptly. Promptheus talk with chatgpt uses natural language processing algorithms to understand the context better and provide more relevant responses.

Apart from its ease of use and quick response time, what sets Promptheus Talk with Chatgpt apart is its ability to learn from past interactions.

Try Now↗️

  • Visit
  • Hold Spacebar and talk to chatGPT
  • To modify your language settings, simply click on 'Promptheus Options' located at the top right.
  • Use voice



  • Voice-Talk with ChatGPT

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