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The digital world has been taken by storm with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, a new app called SheetAI has made it possible to use AI inside Google Sheets. This add-on provides four custom functions that enable users to tap into GPT-3's powerful AI capabilities while using Google Sheets. SHEETAI is the single function that can be used to easily perform a variety of tasks such as text generation, language translation, and summarization.

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The SheetAI App for Google Sheets is the perfect way to take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence (AI) inside Google Sheets. This add-on allows you to harness GPT-3's AI power in Google Sheets with four custom functions: SHEETAI for a single prediction, SHEETMULTI for multiple predictions, SHEETTRAIN for training an AI model and SHEETVALIDATE for validating an AI model. It also provides users with additional features such as natural language processing (NLP), deep learning capabilities, data visualization and more.

With SheetAI App, users can turn their spreadsheets into smarter workspaces that are capable of generating insights from their data faster and more accurately than ever before.

  • Get data of ChatGPT on spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet AI automisation


Different Price for different plans. Check official site


Sanskar Tiwari is the founder of sheetai


  • Speech Analysis
  • Image Analysis

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